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Avg Landing: -304 FPM

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Submitted By Wazza - BAW001
On - 10/21/2018

Teamspeak 3

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BAW040 Josh Riley
QFA039 Jay Mells
BAW038 Matthew Jetstream Radio
ACA037 Ekrem Halimic
DAL036 Ken Wood Jr



Pilots: 22
Total Airline Hours: 3,318
Flights: 1,301
Flights Today: 1
Miles Flown: 1,116,776
Aircraft: 32
Passengers: 160,354
Routes: 1170


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Posted by Wazza JetStream Radio on 09/12/2018

Airxdaily News

UK2000 Belfast City Airport is approximately 5 miles from the city center and houses a Bombardier Aircraft Facility.

The airport has been utilized in previous military operations in history.

Multiple construction projects have been done over the past several decades to modernize the airport.

The price of the scenery will be GBP 16.99, and is expected to release November 24th.

The scenery includes features such as:

-Custom Light fx’s and halo’s.
-Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
-Ground routes for AI
-Physical Based Rendering
-Specular lighting

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Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Hdg GSpeed Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
TAV5321RobertLCLKUDYZA320-21101.47-666 ft/mPending
TAV581MikeLPPTLEMDB737-80001.13-138 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLGAVLCLKA320-21101.42-541 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLMMLLGAVA320-21101.29-247 ft/mAccepted
TAV1190KenKPWMKMEMB737-80003.18-275 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLIRFLMMLA320-21101.33-191 ft/mAccepted
TAV581WazzaLFPGLPPTB737-80002.28-49 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeLFPGLPPTB737-80002.26-91 ft/mAccepted
BAW1211WazzaEGPEEGPOC172 SKYHAWK00.49-168 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLJLJLIRFA320-21101.06-201 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLOWWLJLJA320-21100.45-465 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeEBBRLFPGB737-80000.57-158 ft/mAccepted
TAV581WazzaEBBRLFPGB737-80000.40-126 ft/mAccepted
TAV581WazzaEGLLEBBRB737-80000.55-214 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeEGLLEBBRB737-80001.00-135 ft/mAccepted
TAC1981LouisEGKKLOWWB737-30001.50-252 ft/mAccepted
BAW1211WazzaEGADEGPEC172 SKYHAWK01.50-102 ft/mAccepted
BAW1211WazzaEGNSEGADC172 SKYHAWK00.37-137 ft/mAccepted
BAW1211WazzaEGCOEGNSC172 SKYHAWK00.47-127 ft/mAccepted
TAC1208LoydKBQKKATLB737-80000.55-185 ft/mAccepted
TAV5321RobertLSZBLOWWA320-21101.06-364 ft/mAccepted
VIR8361KenSBGLSCCIB777-200 LR06.23-179 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeEIDWEGLLB737-80000.55-271 ft/mAccepted
TAC12061KennethKLASKPHXB737-80001.16-424 ft/mAccepted
TAC58JayEGCCKPHLB747-80008.01-154 ft/mAccepted
TAC0712ManfredKLASKPHXB737-80001.02-260 ft/mAccepted
TAV3171Vic EIWFEICKC172 SKYHAWK00.36-494 ft/mAccepted
TAC5077RobertCYOWMPTOA350-90005.27-141 ft/mAccepted
TAC4345JohnEGCCEIKNB737-80000.59-429 ft/mAccepted
TAV4322RobertSBGROMAAB777-200 LR13.46-236 ft/mAccepted