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Avg Landing: -287 FPM

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Submitted By Ben - TAV011
On - 20/01/2018

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TAV024 Jamie Robertson
TAV023 Pete Desjardins
TAV020 Andrew King
TAV019 Bruce Jones
TAV018 Jim Davis



Pilots: 14
Total Airline Hours: 1,708
Flights: 642
Flights Today: 0
Miles Flown: 602,102
Aircraft: 21
Passengers: 101,196
Routes: 1159


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Posted by Wazza JetStream Radio on 14/03/2018

New Tours Available !!

NEW !!!! The Mega Long Haul Tour

TransAtlantic Virtual presents the Mega long haul tour. These flights are the longest flights known to man.

Are you up to the challenge? Please note this tour isn't for the feint hearted.

NEW !!!!  The USA & Canadian Tour

Join TransAtlantic Virtual on our tour of the USA and Canada and

witness some of the worlds most busy airports including Chicago and JFK.

The Ireland Tour 

which is a General Aviation route visting some stunning scenery around Ireland.

F1 Grand Prix 2018

The Season is about to start why not join the ground crew in transporting the cars and the

crew around the world during the F1 Season of 2018

this is classed as a long haul so choose carefully.

European Tour

This a great little tour using allsort's of aircraft and you must be careful managing the flight systems as you fly, taking in some 

of the most beautiful scenery,  with different airports it might be a challenge for you.


Please click on the title to visit each Tour and we do hope you enjoy the tour.

Our Flights

Division Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Hdg GSpeed Distance/Time

Latest Flights

Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Info
TAC21545MikeRKSIVHHHB737-80004.16-68 ft/mAccepted
TAC1345WarrenRKSIVHHHB737-80004.01-144 ft/mAccepted
TAV511WarrenLROPLYBEB737-80001.10-95 ft/mAccepted
TAV511WarrenLUKKLROPB737-80000.59-206 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLDZALWSKB737-30001.10-418 ft/mAccepted
TAV311WarrenEGAAEIDWC172 SKYHAWK00.47-61 ft/mAccepted
TAV311WarrenEIDLEGAAC172 SKYHAWK00.53-95 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLATILDZAB737-30001.51-265 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLQSALATIB737-30000.52-344 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLBSFLQSAB737-30000.56-210 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLYBELBSFB737-30000.50-298 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLROPLYBEB737-30001.04-301 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisLUKKLROPB737-30000.53-321 ft/mAccepted
TAV571LouisUGTBLUKKB737-30002.19-344 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeLYBELBSFB737-80000.54-604 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeLROPLYBEB737-80001.07-291 ft/mAccepted
TAV581MikeLUKKLROPB737-80001.00-251 ft/mAccepted
TAC106ArminSBSPSBGLB737-80001.02-196 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEGAAEIDWC172 SKYHAWK00.48-238 ft/mAccepted
TAV311WarrenEIKNEIDLC172 SKYHAWK00.50-175 ft/mAccepted
TAC121ArminCYVRKSFOPC-2401.55-70 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEIDLEGAAC172 SKYHAWK00.50-401 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEIKNEIDLC172 SKYHAWK00.41-323 ft/mAccepted
TAC8234JohnEDDTEICKB737-80002.30-328 ft/mAccepted
TAC1249JamieUUEELRCLB737-80002.38-172 ft/mAccepted
TAV311WarrenEINNEIKNC172 SKYHAWK01.05-111 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEINNEIKNC172 SKYHAWK00.56-185 ft/mAccepted
TAV311WarrenEIKYEINNC172 SKYHAWK00.29-74 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEIKYEINNC172 SKYHAWK00.32-374 ft/mAccepted
TAV321ChrisEICKEIKYC172 SKYHAWK00.35-122 ft/mAccepted